Time for Southern Illinois to Stand Up for Themselves.

It seems that since the beginning of time Southern Illinois has been controlled by Chicago.  I know that it is not true, I am quite familiar with Illinois history,  I think you would agree though, that residents of the north have absolutely no idea of the needs and life of the lower half of the state.

Let’s take a look at transportation.  Outside of metropolitan areas, the need for personal transportation is a must, not a convenience.  Schools?  We could certainly use more funds to help our school districts.  It would even be a boon for their budgets if they were paid the past funds they were told they would receive.

It’s time for the residents of Southern Illinois to stand up and say, “We need to govern ourselves so that we can look out for our own interests and needs.”


About State of South Illinois

I am a lifelong resident of Southern Illinois that believes the time has come for Illinois to become two states.
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One Response to Time for Southern Illinois to Stand Up for Themselves.

  1. jackcurtis says:

    Seems a lot of folks in many places are feeling disenfranchised by our political elite, I suspect you’re not alone…And there’s plenty of legal ground, too. But I suspect what it actually takes, is firepower…

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